Spanish Lessons

Spanish Tutor Miami offers a variety of classes for its students looking to learn Spanish. Below are just a few of the types of classes to start you on your path to speaking Spanish.

– One on one Spanish lessons are the most effective for individuals at a beginner level. Having an average of 3-5 lessons per week is recommended for the first 2-3 months to really get a grasp on the basics.

– Semi private lessons are for groups of 2 – 4 students. This type of lesson is great for couples, friends, family members, siblings, etc… Having lessons with someone you can practice with outside of class is very helpful. This can also speed up things a bit too.

– Company groups are for groups of 4 – 6 students. Living in Miami with 70% of the population speaking Spanish can be difficult for businessmen and businesswomen alike. Having larger groups in a business can be very beneficial for a number of positive reasons.

– Survival Spanish courses can be taken just before going on a trip to help give you a better understanding of the language before traveling. Knowing how to ask for things like where is the bathroom, how much does that cost, or which way to the hotel, etc. Learning how to count money and ask for certain things can help you feel much more comfortable while on a trip.

– Spanish lessons for a particular career or industry can be tailored help you succeed or even apply for the job that requires Spanish just to be hired.

If you are looking for a different type of lesson that isn’t mentioned above just call and ask for it. Spanish Tutor Miami will prepare one just for you!

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